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DADult Life | October 28, 2021

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A tribute to my granddad

A tribute to my granddad

My granddad passed away on 19th October 2016 – one year ago today.

It’s a date that stands out specifically because it was just days after I found out I was to become a father. And it’s the same night that I ended up at A&E with Jenna after she experienced abdominal pains, which the doctors thought could have been an ectopic pregnancy.

I’m now four and a half months into the fatherhood journey and I often wonder what my granddad’s face would have been like if he got to meet Roma.

At his funeral, I paid tribute to him with a few personal words about the man he was in my eyes as his grandson – which was easily one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Still, there’s no way I’d have wanted to pass on the opportunity to pay homage.

I just wish I could have said this to him in person, the same way I would have liked to have told him all about the great-grandfather he was to become, though I’m grateful my mum was able to tell him in time on my behalf.

He taught me a great deal and I don’t think either of us really knew just how much until the time came, which shows how effortless it was for him to lead by example.


How many grandparents do you know that can pull off baseball caps and trainers?


For G-man:

My granddad was the strongest man I’ve ever known.

He relocated from Dominica to the UK – somewhere he and his brother Chris witnessed snow for the first time.

Of course, they’d soon come to realise it wouldn’t be the last time they’d experience snow or less than favourable weather here in Britain.

It wasn’t for nothing that he became a British citizen either, as he worked hard from the outset.

Here in England, granddad raised five children, which resulted in twice as many grandchildren – some great-grandchildren have even made an appearance.

When I was born, granddad, or G-man as I liked to call him, was just 62 and as time passed his youth never seemed to fade.

Both he and nan were huge parts of my early life as mum and I lived with them in their flat together for eight years.

And fast forward to this year, granddad would still laugh and tell me about how troublesome I was as a toddler. Some would probably argue that not much has changed.

But now as a man, I can say that granddad has been, without question, a huge role model and will always remain an inspiration.

As I said, he raised a large family, and that in itself was no small task.

The outpouring of love he gave us all over the years was paid back in full, as the family only continues to grow.

One day I hope to follow in his footsteps to become a father and build a family of my own. 

 There’s something else I’d like of his too – his style. How many grandparents do you know that can pull off baseball caps and trainers?

Any time I went on holiday he was never far from my mind and I’d come back with a hat for him, which he would wear with pride. This cap collection usually left his friends down the betting shop green with envy – much to his delight.

As sad as it is that he has left us for now, he free of pain and at peace, a way he spent the majority of his 91 years.

Love you G-man, you’ll always be a part of me and all of us here today.


Today I shared a few new words to mark the anniversary of his passing, writing the post below.



It’s been exactly one year since my grandad passed away and each time I wear this ring, it’s a constant reminder of the man he was – the man I want to be. Imagine then, how I felt when Roma’s eyes clamped on it the other week, at which point I told her all about him. This time last year was overwhelming – I found out I was going to become a parent and days later I lost the man who showed me what it was to be a father. In the midst of an ectopic pregnancy scare the same day he passed, it was a struggle to keep myself together, but for Jenna’s sake I had to, though I’ve no idea how. I’m sad I wasn’t able to break the news to him in person as I planned, and even sadder he hasn’t been able to meet Roma, but glad my mum was able to pass on the news to him for for me, which he promised to keep a secret. He always hounded me about when I’d settle down and meet a nice (not entirely deranged) girl and start a family – I couldn’t be happier we’ve both finally got our wish ❤️ #DADultLife #HeartOfALion

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