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DADult Life | December 2, 2022

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Are you having a boy or girl?

Boy or Girl

On Wednesday 18th January 2017, we have our 20-week scan – the big examination that allows parents to determine the gender of the baby.

Not everyone knows that you need to wait until that point in time – and I certainly didn’t in advance of the pregnancy – but along the way I’ve been asked on numerous occasions if I know the sex and whether I’d prefer a boy or girl.

As I understand it, the customary stock answer people tend to give is, I don’t mind as long as they’re healthy.

Frankly, there couldn’t be truer words spoken.

At the 12-week scan, which was on Saturday 26th November, I was over the moon to hear the baby was healthy.

And for the second time, we had the pleasure of hearing Bump’s heartbeat, having first shared that special moment at the emergency scan on Thursday 20th October.

Following the scan, an additional examination was required, whereby a sample of Jenna’s blood was sent to the US to determine whether Bump has Down’s Syndrome.

It’s standard procedure, although the test isn’t compulsory, but we wanted to be as prepared as possible.

A few weeks later, the results came back clear and our minds were put at ease.

Still, you’re never really prepared for these finer and more delicate developments, they usually just come as a surprise on the journey.

Hollywood has certainly never prepared me for half of this.

But, if I were able to choose the gender, however, I think the easy answer would be boy.

Because with Hollywood in mind, it will prevent me from having to recreate the scene below in about 16 years. That is something I’m prepared for.