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DADult Life | December 3, 2022

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Fancy joining the Tough MudDads and supporting GOSH?

Tough Muddads Tough Mudder 2018 Great Ormond Street Hospital GOSH

It’s no secret that I’m a proud papa bear – even when I’m getting my hair pulled, which is an incredible achievement considering how short it is, face slapped or woken up in the middle of the night. I love my girl ferociously, so I know entirely how other parents feel about their children.

And I also know that not all parents or children have an easy ride, which is exactly where an institution like Great Ormond Street Hospital comes into action. So that’s why I took part in GOSH’s RBC Race for the Kids in October last year and rounded up the Fatherhood of Christmas for the London Santa Dash in December ­– because I felt compelled to try and do my bit to help.

This feeling of wanting to try and give back was brought on by a scare with Roma when she was born, which had the doctors worried her stomach wasn’t functioning properly. Thankfully, everything was under control but still, I’m glad that they were thorough and the experience of returning to the hospital the day after we escaped following the birth has stuck with me.

Over the course of this year, I’ve been on a mission to try and get my health and fitness levels back to the standard they used to be pre-pregnancy, since I used a large part of that nine-month period as an excuse to lounge around alongside Jenna scoffing all the snacks and watching all the telly.

I’ve been so reinvigorated in terms of fitness that I felt inspired to create an Instagram hashtag called #FamilyManFit to try and bring likeminded dads together, offering them an easy thread through which they can share their health updates, concerns, questions and tips. Ultimately the goal of the #FamilyManFit isn’t to pressurise or preach but simply to say, fatherhood doesn’t mean you have to put your own self-care or health on the back foot but that there are ways to manage both.

So my appreciation of both GOSH and fitness has got me to this point – a new crusade I’m embarking on: running in a ten-mile Tough Mudder on Saturday 22nd September as part of a team called the Tough MudDads. Although, as I write this, I’m kinda operating as a one-man team…

That’s where you come in. Joining the team is an open invitation, so as long as you don’t mind spending a couple of hours with me and you want to give back, well, what you waiting for? Join the team here on the official GOSH site!

If it’s not for you but you’d still like to show some love, my fundraising target is £350, so if you’re able to make a donation via JustGiving or share what I’m up to in order to help raise more for GOSH then that would be fantastic.

Thanks a million – wish me luck…

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