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DADult Life | September 25, 2022

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FILM: Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks

Bump may not have arrived yet, but that doesn’t mean I’m totally inexperienced with little ones.

Sure, changing dirty nappies will be quite the eye-opener when the time comes, but mingling with ankle biters is something I’m accustomed to with three nephews (nine, seven and almost two).

So, knowing full well the love the eldest two have for wanton destruction, my sister and I took them to a screening of Monster Trucks at the Vue Leicester Square.

The film follows high school student Tripp (Lucas Till), a bright but disengaged teen whose only interest lay in cars and mechanics, as showcased with his part-time job at a scrap yard.

He’s even oblivious to the fact that fellow student and tutor Meredith (Jane Levy) wants to crack on, which is quite an achievement, since subtlety isn’t her strong suit.


In addition to the E.T. and Free Willy undertones, there’s an element of Herbie and Transformers too.”


During a late night at the yard, Tripp finds himself running scared from wild noises, which turn out to be created by an oil-guzzling, octopus-like beast, which becomes affectionately known as Creech – who doubles up as the supercharged engine of the mechanic’s battered truck.

The friendship and discovery of Creech leads to a cross-species relationship that isn’t too dissimilar from classic pairings of E.T. and Elliot or (Free) Willy and Jesse.

That’s backed up with a nemesis in the form of crooked corporate suit Reece Tenneson (Rob Lowe), who wants Creech and family hunted and destroyed for his own personal gain, covering up their existence in order to pursue an oil dig in their natural habitat.

This sets the wheels (and tentacles) in motion for a cat and mouse game across the town as Tripp and Meredith set out to keep Creech away from Tenneson and his cronies.

Monster Trucks MovieOverall, I enjoyed the film. It was quite easy to sit back, switch off and let the carnage unfold.

In addition to the E.T. and Free Willy undertones, there’s an element of Herbie and Transformers too, thanks to the unconventional and temperamental transport method getting Tripp from A to B.

Sure, it’s absolutely barking mad and many critics have slammed it, but who has the film been made for? Oh yes, children.

And let’s remember, many children are fans of a sea-dwelling sponge, so a concept like Monster Trucks shouldn’t be too hard a pill to swallow.

But from a child’s viewpoint, my nephew James gave some input on what he thought about the film in the video below.






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