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DADult Life | December 2, 2022

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Have your say: Does your workplace give support needed for dad duties?

Working father

In January, I highlighted the key results revealed in the “fatherhood penalty” study from work-life balance charity Working Families.

The report found some worrying trends, including working dads suffering from stress and burnout when juggling jobs with family life, a result of pressure from uncompassionate employers.

This burden led 47 per cent of respondents to declare a less stressful job is required, while 38 per cent said they’d take a pay cut for an improved work-life balance. The charity declared these patterns will lead to the creation of a fatherhood penalty, whereby dads “downgrade their careers in order to balance work with family life”.

The following month, a separate study found working parents can only spend two hours with their children on a weekday.

On the back of its findings, Working Families wants to know if your employer, government or society in general can turn this around to help working dads.

You can have your say by completing this short survey anonymously:

Recapping on the feelings of Sarah Jackson, chief executive of Working Families, she has said: “A game-changing first step would be government creating a new, properly paid, extended period of paternity leave.”

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