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DADult Life | December 2, 2022

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I know when that Dadline rings…


Hello, dad-to-be here – yeah, we’re open all hours.

As if this being our last Christmas without child wasn’t groundbreaking enough – yesterday (Friday 23rd December) was our last day in the UK before Christmas.

Jenna didn’t have much say in the matter – I booked a trip to Paris for her birthday; ironically, just hours before we found out a baby was on the way.

While Jenna found herself at work, I was at home getting into the festive spirit that evening by munching on mince puffs and tuning into Love Actually.

In keeping with my dad-to-be training, I feel asleep during the film and later received a call from Jenna. Rather than drive to mine, from where we would be travelling to catch the Eurostar, she wanted me to pick her up.

Of course, under ordinary circumstances, I’d have probably asked if she was mad since she has a fully functional car and driving licence.


Dadline RIngs

Totally groggy, enjoying the loving embrace of my bed (much like I was in the photo above), it was hard to abandon my post, especially knowing a cold brutal wind would slap me in the face, but it’s all part of the road to DADult Life.

As pregnancy progresses, you develop a real sense of selflessness. Indeed, even the most giving of men will likely find themselves wanting to do more. And that’s not for anything in return, there’s an inexplicable urge to want to feel useful and make your partner feel at ease.


Even the most giving of men will likely find themselves wanting to do more.”


If I could, I’d bubble wrap Jenna and Bump until 5th June-ish, but that’s still an idea I need to get her to come to terms with.

It turns out, the call for a ride was well-timed.

Despite ongoing sickness throughout and a couple of false alarms, I had to make a swift stop at the side of the road so she could be sick for the first time (week 17).

While there was nothing I could do to help, apart from hold her hair back and offer what I hope was a soothing voice as though she’d had too many pornstar Martinis, going on the midnight run was a relief for both of us.

She didn’t have to pull over alone feeling like a shameless drunk and I was there to comfort her, which meant I was able to avert the dreaded stare I would have undoubtedly received had I not played chauffeur.

Just wait Drake – that hotline bling won’t last forever.





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