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DADult Life | April 11, 2021

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I’m running in the RBC Race for Kids 2017 for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Great Ormond Street Hospital RBC Race for Kids 2017

During my commute home to the girls the other day, I saw out of the corner of my eye an advert for a Great Ormond Street Hospital campaign, the RBC Race for Kids 2017, which piqued my interest. I took a picture to refer to and started researching when I got in.

Life forever changed when my daughter Roma was born, and I feel incredibly proud and privileged to consider myself her father.

For me, kindness is a big thing and I strive to be a thoughtful person; hearing the expression “treat people the way you wanted to be treated” as a child really did stick! So fatherhood has made me assess what matters most in life to me, to realise the importance of family, love and caring.

In the early stages of pregnancy, we had an ectopic pregnancy scare when Jenna experienced abdominal pains.

And after Roma’s arrival, we had two days of worry as hospital staff were concerned that she had stomach problems – though that turned out to not be the case, thankfully.

Like any parent, I have my share of worries that Roma is healthy and that I’m doing a good job, but I’m fortunate enough to say becoming a dad has made me feel incredibly blessed and truly happy.


“I’ve officially signed up to the RBC Race for Kids 2017!”


I am by no means oblivious to the fact that many children do have complications though, and there are a great many parents working hard to support their families. Seeing the Great Ormond Street Hospital advert reinforced that fact and made me want to do something about it to help.

So I did – I’ve officially signed up to the RBC Race for Kids 2017!

It takes place in Hyde Park at 10am on Saturday 7th October, which ought to give me enough time to get my cardio game in order (I hope) and complete the 5km run that lays ahead.

Some 618 children arrive at Great Ormond Street Hospital each day, so if I can do something that can help support at least one of them then it’s a start.

As recommended by Great Ormond Street Hospital, I’ve set a target of raising £150, so all contributions will be greatly received and going to an incredible cause, but really I’m hoping to significantly surpass that figure.

If you’d like to take make a donation, you can do so via my personal RBC Race for Kids page.

Thanks so much for your support!

Update – Friday 29th September: I’m pleased to say my target has reached £213 (at the time of writing), so I’ve now increased it to £300. 

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