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DADult Life | August 14, 2022

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National Poetry Day: A poem I wrote for my daughter before she was born

Poem for my daughter

According to the internet, it’s National Poetry Day. By no means am I a rapper – as much as I hate to admit it – or a bard, but that didn’t stop me from writing something of a lyrical nature for my daughter well ahead of her birth.

During the pregnancy, I discovered that babies can hear outside the womb from around week 25.

Through each trimester, I turned to The Expectant Dad’s Handbook, which became my birthing bible. Author Dean Beaumont encourages dads-to-be to take advantage of babies’ hearing development to help them bond with their unborn child, so I thought I’d do exactly that.

He suggests singing, reading a book or even just talking, although something familiar is said to help the baby become accustomed to the sound.

As a writer, I set myself the challenge of writing something original and specific to our situation, which I recited to the bump – much to Jenna’s delight – at every given opportunity.

It went a little something like this…

Hello little baby, our mini lady,

Listen to my voice – I’m your daddy,

Your mum and I have known each other many many years, 

And when we reconnected, I felt nothing but cheer, 

So where do you fit into this story, you wonder? 

You came into our lives, you made an impact like thunder, 

Your mum was acting lively, she had a surprise…

…I thought a warm pretzel was about to arrive, 

But you were my treat, better than something to eat, a magical gift – you were oh so discrete,

Little did we know, you were six weeks old then,

Fast forward, now you’re daughter of Jen and Zen, 

I can’t wait to meet you, and neither can your mummy,

But for now stay warm and cosy inside of her tummy,

We love you lots already, and that’s only gonna grow, 

I’m your daddy, my pretzel – I’ll never let go.

Even now my daughter is here, complete with name, I still recall the poem to her, albeit with slightly tweaked words – it would probably be slightly uncomfortable all round if she was still inside her tum at this point.

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