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DADult Life | December 2, 2022

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Parent blog power: I was spotted out in the wild

Parent blog power

Little over three months have passed since the DADult Life website officially went live.

I can safely say that I’ve enjoyed every minute of documenting my journey into fatherhood, as well as interacting with the parenting community on social media, and exploring the roadmaps of others.

During my Baby B.A.T.H on Saturday, I was approached by a woman who was under the impression she knew me.

“Is your name Zen?” she asked, to which I sheepishly replied yes.

I assumed this was someone that worked with Jenna, but it turns out that she recognised me from DADult Life!

Indeed, she, Rachel, is also a parent blogger (BabyVUs) and we’re already following each other.

With a capacity of over 2,350 people at the venue, what are the odds of us crossing paths in the wild?! Not forgetting it’s her first time out for over a year, while I can’t remember the last time I went to a club rather than a bar.

The sheer shock we both experienced meant putting the brakes on the beverage intake and bopping to UK garage to start talking all things baby and parenthood. Rachel even asked if Jenna was enjoying her baby shower to make things even more surreal!

Having exchanged messages and interacted with numerous dads, mums and those in the making, I already had a grasp of the potency and pleasure of connecting with those in the same boat.

But the true power of the parent blog was showcased with that impromptu real world interaction, which was brilliant – even if extremely unexpected.

So if you do see me in the wild, be like Rachel – come and say hello! And bring snacks.