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DADult Life | December 2, 2022

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PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups premiere – Nick Jr’s talking puppies go all Avengers in new film

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups premiere – Nick Jr’s talking puppies go all Avengers in new film

You’d have been forgiven for thinking some sort of early Black Friday sale was taking place if you were thrown into the lobby of Cineworld Leicester Square last Sunday. But actually, it was Nickelodeon’s latest movie PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups receiving the red carpet treatment that caused the commotion.

I was torn between driving into the city after the last upheaval we had to face. But having set off much earlier, it was actually just 50 minutes to get to London and park up from Essex, which I was very, very happy about.

As a result, we managed to arrive bright and early for a change. There was still a queue outside the cinema when we arrived, soon after which a member of staff began handing out Skye and Chase masks. A general air of excitement was present among the children who would soon see their favourite animated pooches on the big screen, while parents were clearly just as eager for the chance to scoff some pastries. Then there’s me who was buzzing for a bit of both because A. Superheroes B. Food.

In the queue it became immediately apparent just how serious an experience this was going to be because the family fashion police were out that day. An Adventure Bay-cray dad in front of me caught one look at a kid’s clothing and frantically muttered to his wife: “Imagine bringing your child to a PAW Patrol event dressed in a PJ Masks outfit.” I’d have been concerned but I’m pleased to say Roma was flying the Skye flag high in the er, sky, so we were safe. Or so I thought.

As I alluded to earlier, things got pretty turbo inside the lobby. Activities and bodies were in every corner, with face painting, balloon animal-making, a colouring station and a healthy serving of snacks all present. All of this made for a jam-packed hive of sugar-powered activity, none more so than the pups themselves making an appearance and joining the scrum to try and get photos with them.

PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups

When we went into the screen, it wasn’t long before the film kicked off. In a bid to make it very much unique to the TV show, the opening theme tune was revamped to incorporate Mighty Pups – making it very much clear the hounds had levelled up.

With a runtime of around 45 minutes, the pups have their paws fuller than usual as their biggest threat to date hits Adventure Bay – Harold Humdinger, nephew of Foggy Bottom’s nefarious Mayor Humdinger. As you’d expect, the top-hatted politician is up to no good and has roped his science-loving nephew into the mix to help him fly into space, at which point it becomes clear a piece of space, a meteor, is heading straight for them.

The PAW Patrol are subsequently dispatched to help prevent any calamities from happening to any of the accident-prone citizens and in doing so find themselves come face-to-face with the asteroid, which takes things into Marvel Cinematic Universe territory as a blast from the space rock gives special powers to each of the pooches.

But what’s a hero without a villain? That’s right – the super seven find that they need to face off against a new threat as an unforeseen enemy arises, leaving them without Ryder to lead them, which paves the way for none other than Chase to step up to the plate.

Not a day goes by in this household when PAW Patrol isn’t requested by Roma, so you can imagine just how many times I’ve seen the same episodes again and again. I’m sure you have the same issue to deal with where your little ones are concerned.

So in keeping with how increasingly broad and fantastical the Patrol’s adventures have got on the show – kind of like the Fast and Furious films – from spy missions to merpups and jungle escapades to alarmingly lucid dreams involving dragons and genies, superpowers are arguably the next logical step. And since they haven’t been done to this extent before, while the formula remains familiar, children will be treated to something new while parents can also breathe a sigh of relief they’ll get to see something fresh. Unless, of course, they’re asked to take their kids back for round two…

PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups is in cinemas now.

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