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DADult Life | December 2, 2022

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Ready for action? PAW Patrol is hitting cinemas in PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups

PAW Patrol Mighty Pups

I don’t know what things are like in your house. But no day passes here without Roma requesting we watch PAW Patrol – or “Paw Paw” as she likes to call it.

She’ll also watch Peppa, Thomas the Tank Engine (aka Choo-Choo), Shimmer and Shine, DC Superhero Girls – the latter of which I’m very happy about – and a few other colourful creations but Paw Paw PAW Patrol is what she’s worryingly obsessed with.

Back in October the PAW Patrol Big Screen Takeover, which saw six all-new episodes shown back-to-back in Vue cinemas, was released and that seems to have been a precursor to warm us up for the main event.


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Thanks very much @vue for having us along to the maiden voyage of the #PawPatrolTakeover on the big screen this morning 🐾🐾 Combined with my cinema test run with Roma a couple of weeks ago and her obsession with @pawpatrol, I was confident she’d love the screening and I was right! She was living the dream guzzling popcorn while sprawled out across mine and @jennashilstfit’s laps. NGL, she did get fidgety right near the end and I was hoping she’d calm down because I was desperate to find out how the episode was going to end. What have I become?! 😅 The Paw Patrol Big Screen Takeover, which comprises six box fresh episodes, will hit @vue cinemas from Friday 19th October 🐶🍿 #DADultLife #Vue #PuppyPremiere #dogsofinstagram

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That’s right, PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups is hitting cinemas on Friday 17th May 2019.

I’ve got to say, I’m kind of excited for it. It’s a film where Roma is guaranteed to stay put and fixated on the screen without me seizing up with anxiety that she’ll give into the lure of running up and down the aisle. Plus, it also revolves around superpowers, which means it’ll have something for us both. You should know by now anything involving superpowers is an easy way to get me invested.

The official synopsis for PAW Patrol: Mighty Pups is as follows:

When Harold, Mayor Humdinger’s nephew, accidentally diverts a meteor and changes its path to hit Adventure Bay, Ryder and the pups jump into action. But when the meteor showers the pups and Harold with a mysterious green energy, they all get superpowers and become Mighty Pups!

With his new powers Harold schemes to become the Super Mayor of Adventure Bay and captures Ryder in the tower. Will the pups manage to work together to defeat Harold, his mega robot and save Ryder?

So. Are you feeling ready for action? Check out the trailer below.

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