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DADult Life | December 2, 2022

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Stay safe, my daughter said to me before I went out

Black Lives Matter
I read about Ahmaud Arbery, the black man who was shot and murdered while jogging, just before going out for a run. It was nothing short of haunting.
A few days later before going for another run, my little lady told me to “Stay safe” and gave me a hug and kiss. Of course, the Ahmaud tragedy and her well wishes were unrelated, but the dots connected for me nonetheless.
Then just the other day I got racially attacked on Instagram, as did my daughter.
Imagine. Abusing someone because of their skin colour or heritage. That’s foul.






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Pull up your socks and stand up tall 🧦 No matter how positively you want to live, sadly, there are small individuals out there who will try to derail you. In this specific case, a racist troglodyte came onto my page out of the blue with an unprovoked attack – like we don’t have bigger worries right now. The minute someone comes at you for your background or skin colour, they’ve lost. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily ease the frustration or desire to start throwing hands, which is difficult when you’re dealing with a faceless, spineless troll. It may be easier said than done sometimes but, know yourself, focus on what’s important and keep your head up (Oh and vent, venting is key 🔑) ⛰️ #DADultLife #FamilyManFit #NoBadVibes #SayNoToRacism #LoveHasNoColour #SpreadLoveNotHate #dadblog #daddyblogger #dadbloggers #ukparentbloggers #blackdads #blackdadsmatter #strongblackfathers @strongblackfathers #happywithdaddy @happywithdaddy #daddydoinwork #thedadgang @thedadgang #theblackmancan @theblackmancan #blackfatherhood #mixedfamilies #mixedfamily #lovehasnocolor #blackbritishbloggers #fitdads #dadbod #dadbods #hillsprints


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So understand just how sinister it was for Christian Cooper being threatened with a 911 call while bird-watching, to the even more extreme and unfathomable demise of George Floyd at the hand of police. Those who have sworn to protect and serve.
So, with all of this combined, I’ve put together a few words to gather my own thoughts in the form of a poem:
Stay safe, my daughter said to me before I went out.
The reason for her two words, wasn’t about fear or doubt.
I only left the house to go for a quick run. But another time and place, and her concern could have involved a gun. 
Love was why she said stay safe to me. And hearing the two words melted my heart perfectly.
A moment like this, may not be breaking news, but maybe it should be – to fight these race hate views.
I’m a man of colour. I’m from a mixed family. This prompted hate in the 50s, but why in 2020? Can’t black people just be seen for who we be? Look me in the eyes and see me for me?
Abuse of black people is common, but baseless. Why is this behaviour happening on a regular basis? 
The trigger for the hate is due to the colour of our faces. Tell me how the hell it matters what our race is? 
I’m not an American, but I see what’s happening. There’s people that are suffering just because of the skin they’re in.
But what’s beneath the surface? Aren’t we all equal? Can’t we just be treated evenly? Can’t you see we’re people?
There’s a severe US issue, but there’s problems everywhere. If you haven’t read any social media comments, it’s scary there. 
George Floyd was taken, it’s cruel, outrageous and wrong. But this time people aren’t backing down, it’s time to stand strong.


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