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DADult Life | December 2, 2022

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The 20-week scan: We’re having a baby girl!

The 20-week scan: We’re having a baby girl!

For months, the majority of friends have been guessing to their hearts’ content that J and I had a boy on the way.

Admittedly, knowing what to think was baffling initially, with a medley of opinions diluting what my own would have been.

But well ahead of the 20-week gender scan on Wednesday 18th January though, I’d convinced myself we had a little girl on the way, whereas J thought boy.

If nothing else, my gut told me we’d have a daughter because the powers that be want my life to become some sort of real world sitcom, in which I’ll play the role of maniacal overprotective father.

Turns out I was right (something most men will know is a rarity in the eyes of our partners) and we’re joining Team Pink!

Although I had a suspicion we had a girl on the way, having it confirmed made everything more real than ever before.

I was then able to visualise what she might look like, the clothes we’ll dress her in, what her hobbies will be, how I’ll be forced to destroy any boys that get within a five metre radius and so on.

“Our little girl will definitely know the way of the superhero.”

We were actually due to have our scan at the hospital, but horrendous traffic threw a spanner in the works as a ten-minute drive become a one-hour crawl, thus we missed our appointment.

Thankfully, we were able to get an impromptu appointment at Mothercare and J allowed my head to remain on its shoulders.

Oh yes, in addition to cots, clothes and Costa, Mothercare is also now home to Ultrasound-Direct, a private scan clinic that offers scans for a number of purposes in a number of dimensions.

I have to say the service was great, which you would expect from something you’re paying for of course, and the midwife was friendly and welcoming. We even received a 4D scan tease – something J definitely wants to go back for properly in a few weeks, so big up for keeping those marketing skills 100.

As I said, knowing we have a daughter allowed us to visualise. So after the scan it was quite nice to be able to excitedly mooch around the store and, inevitably, buy a few bits…

Bat Girl

There may not be a boy on the way, but our little girl will definitely know the way of the superhero. You can’t tell in the picture, but the Batgirl outfit actually has a cape attached, so it was physically impossible for me to walk away even if I wanted to – which I did not.

Being anti-superhero, J wasn’t enthused about my choice of clothing, but really, what says strong and independent woman more than being a bulletproof warrior or swinging from rooftops defending the city from crime?