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DADult Life | December 2, 2022

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The baby shower – perfect time to run a B.A.T.H and have a dadchelor party

Kisstory Dadchelor party

With little over five weeks to go until due date, Saturday 29th April was the day of Jenna’s baby shower.

With no real knowledge of such events until now, all I knew is that showers are women-only affairs for the expectant mum, during which gossip and gifts are traded.

What about the dad-to-be? Where does he go during banishment from the household?

Hosted at Jenna’s parents’ house, that meant her dad and brother were to be cast out into the wild, so it was suggested that I join them down the local pub – suited me just fine.

Still, what about marking the fatherhood milestone with my mates? How could I do that?

At first I thought they could join us at the pub.

I then backtracked on that idea as it would have inevitably meant descending onto the in-laws’ abode, effectively gate-crashing the shower, creating high risk of the stare.

Beware “the stare” 🚨😒🙈⚠️ #DADultLife #YouCantSeeMe #BabyBrain

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Instead, my idea was simple ­– that night I’d run a Baby B.A.T.H.

Brotherhood of
Tactics and

After warming up at the pub, I went back to the house with the in-laws – only after receiving a text confirming clearance was allowed.

On arrival, most of the ladies had left by this point, so we were able to try some of the games, including guessing the flavour of baby food, as well as the brand of poo (melted chocolate – or so I was told) in nappies.

Baby shower Dadchelor

However, my evening was only about to begin with a Baby B.A.T.H, as the date of Jenna’s baby shower landed particularly nicely.

It also marked the Joshua vs Klitschko clash, so I set off with a few lads to watch the fight at Bat and Ball, Westfield. Everyone in the bar was charged as the 11-round brawl lived up to expectations and Joshua came out on top.

That was just for starters. The fight venue was chosen strategically as we hit Kiss FM’s Kisstory night at the Indigo, O2, just a few stops away on the tube.

Using the night of old school garage, hip hop and dance classics was a brilliant choice for the B.A.T.H and, as one final nod to pre-baby life, served as a nostalgic reminder of big nights out.

Like the fight, we went the distance and didn’t get in until 4.45am, armed with McDonald’s to soak up the overpriced cups of Disaronno and cranberry.

Turns out though, this B.A.T.H concept sort of exists.

A quick search online before writing this, to determine where dads are actually meant to be during baby showers, revealed as much.

Aside from being ousted from the home, some men have started to host “dadchelor parties” or (the awkwardly named) man showers.

Some come in the form of big weekends away, other come as a male alternative of a baby shower, complete with poker, beer or poo-topped cupcakes.

Whatever you choose to do, I’d say it’s more than worth having a get together with your boys. On the rare occasion that I do go for a night out, it’s generally to a bar rather than a club, so a session at Kisstory was an ideal change of pace – ahead of the biggest change of pace I’m yet to experience when our little pretzel arrives.

As I write this, there are 34 days (five weeks) until due date – and it could even be less – so from this point onwards, the cider in the fridge will remain chilled and untouched, as the dash out the door with the hospital bag and into the dadmobile could come at a moment’s notice.

And feel free to use the term baby B.A.T.H for your soiree.

The B.A.T.H. also lends itself well as an acronym of:


As an expectant dad of a little girl, I’m a forward planner.

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