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DADult Life | December 3, 2022

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Turns out pregnant women aren’t made of glass

Turns out pregnant women aren’t made of glass

It turns out pregnant women aren’t entirely made of glass – there’s a great deal of mettle in their design too.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that Jenna and I went to Paris over Christmas.

It was beautiful time of the year for the both of us to experience the City of Lights in all of its shining, shimmering splendour.

During the pregnancy, there has scarcely been a day go by that Jenna hasn’t felt riddled with sickness and headaches or knackered, but that didn’t stop her from making the most of our time there.

With the Eiffel Tower – a hive of disorganisation, by the way – the final stop on our tour one day, the plan was to get the Metro back to our hotel, but my determined other half insisted we walk.

And when a pregnant woman insists on anything that isn’t booze or cigarettes, you do not argue – unless you want to get the stare; see below for reference.

The StareWe started to make our way back on foot, during which I checked in on her wellbeing every ten minutes like an overzealous retail assistant.

Eventually, after I floated getting a cab the rest of the way, she reluctantly admitted defeat.

Of course, Jenna had every right to want to hitch a ride. We unknowingly walked over ten miles across the city soaking up the sights!

She powered on far more than many non-pregnant people would have cared to, and it was at this point I came to discover that the will of a pregnant woman is truly impressive. Her refusal to pay for the cab fare confirmed that will.

No but in seriousness, she really is inspiring.

And while I can’t help but want to wrap her and Bump up in cotton wool, she’s relentless in her determination to stay active – within reason – so the best thing I can possibly do is support her, however I can.

And apparently the next stage of said support will soon mean attending pilates together.







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