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DADult Life | December 2, 2022

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Want to keep romance alive as parents? Try having a quickie

Unsure what to do this Valentine’s Day? Try having a quickie

It’s said the number of passionate encounters during pregnancy will either rocket through the roof or go down (not like that) just as the Titanic did. Then, there’s the running joke about having a baby acting like a form of birth control because you’re either too tired or too busy to bother cracking on. And when the opportunity presents itself…. “WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH”.

All parents know the struggle well.

And looking into this trend further to unearth some revealing figures (not like that), parenting site Channel Mum surveyed 1,800 mums and dads not too long ago to get some insight on their bedroom habits which made for quite the eyeful. So with Valentine’s Day here I thought it was worth a mention.

With time getting the better of many mums and dads, 71% admitted to having a quickie “to keep the passion alive” after moving into the parenthood. The average sex session is said to last just two minutes and 15 seconds, while one in 12 couples are so short on time the duration is under a minute.

Don’t despair though, you’re not alone if this sounds familiar. Three-quarters of couples have less sex after becoming a parent although 47% of dads reckon their sex life is better than ever, so they’re either very lucky or very good at exaggerating because only 29% of mums agree. That’s not the only differentiator between genders – 35% of dads want sexy photos from their other halves but women want men to cook dinner instead of nudes.

“Finding time for passion as parents can be very hard, so it’s great that so many still enjoy an active and inventive sex life,” said Channel Mum founder Siobhan Freegard. The inventiveness she’s referring to includes 27% who use sex toys to “speed things up” and 26% who don’t get undressed in order to get the job done more efficiently. “It isn’t about how long something takes, but how much you enjoy it, so well done to the minutemen who have fun in under sixty seconds,” she added.

But how about setting the mood? For half of the mums surveyed, a back rub would do the trick. Meanwhile, 46% would like a lie-in to recharge their batteries, while a quarter with a really niche fetish would be good to go if the bins got taken out or the hoovering was done.

So there you have it. Your guide to keeping the romance alive. Oh, and if you really want to make sure Valentine’s Day festivities go smoothly, the five best quickie positions according to the poll are:

(1) Doggy style – 58%

(2) Missionary – 53%

(3) Spooning – 24%

(4) Woman on top facing man – 23%

(5) The Eagle – woman lies flat while man kneels up and holds her legs up high – 16%

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