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DADult Life | December 2, 2022

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Was it a planned pregnancy?

Was it planned?

“Was it planned?”

Call me crazy, but personally, it’s not a question I’d think to ask if anyone told me they were expecting.

If it’s a loved-up couple, you’d assume planned, and if it was one of my single lothario friends (you know who you are) bringing me the news, I’d know otherwise.

But upon making the news public, I’ve found most people don’t share my enthusiasm for boundaries – kind of like those body warmth addicts who get too close to you in queues.

What happened to the usual “congratulations”, “when’s the baby due?” or, timeless classic, “your life’s over now”.

Interestingly, it’s those closest to us who haven’t felt the need to even ask, but bizarrely your neighbour’s uncle’s daughter’s colleague’s mum will be likely to want every detail.

The first time I was asked I thought it was a common question, but it was J that felt it was somewhat invasive, which made me consider it may have been.

Of course, the interrogators don’t mean any harm, and most are probably just overcome with uncontrollable inquisitiveness, though there are no doubts that some are just looking for a good gossip.

What if we turned around deadpan and replied: “No. No, it was not.”

To be fair, I might just have to try it to see how it goes down next time.

But for the sake of clarity, was the baby planned? Yes.

Just slightly earlier than we were expecting.

Clearly our child will have better punctuality than the both of us.

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