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DADult Life | September 25, 2022

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When contractions start during a wedding

Wedding Contractions

Sunday 28th May was a big day for Jenna’s best friend Sarah, who married her partner Phil to become Mrs Gordon.

Owing to their friendship extending through the ages with an origin at birth, Jenna was maid of honour. There was, of course, a minor detail of whether she would give birth on the day with a due date of 5th June.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife…”

An internal sigh of relief was called for as the words were spoken to seal the deal, while Jenna’s waters remained intact and contractions at bay – for a little while at least.

After the main course – a lovely spot of roast beef and veg – Jenna complained of feeling hot, bothered and full of stomach aches more intense than the Tonis we’d become accustomed to. Helpfully, I’d pre-packed the car with our hospital bags and laid off the sauce that day, just in case…

We borrowed a spare room for some air, which allowed the pain to wear off for a while as I rubbed her lower back – a technique I learnt in antenatal class – until it returned with a vengeance a couple of hours later.

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I was using the Pregnancy + app, which had been a handy source of information over the nine months, to track the contraction times, but Jenna was struggling to stay comfortable.

A key piece of dadvice I learnt is that home is the best place to be when contractions start, as the creature comforts will release oxytocin, a hormone that encourages contractions, so by 10.30pm we made a beeline for home. However, we were only there for about 45 minutes before shooting straight to hospital as the contractions continued.

After waiting in the dark at triage for a couple of hours, helping Jenna work through the pain, we were seen by a midwife and told dilation hadn’t begun, though we were in early labour, which left us both stumped.

As a result, we were sent home and told to return once the contractions got closer together.

We did as we were told, eventually got to sleep and expected to return later that day – but no such thing happened.

I was due to be in work the next day, Tuesday, but the boss was kind enough to grant me time to work from home given the fact we were in early labour.

Tuesday came and went and still nothing happened! What the hell was going on?!

At least, nothing happened until 4am on the Wednesday…

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