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DADult Life | December 2, 2022

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Who knew Mother’s Day could be so much fun as an expectant dad?

Mother's Day 2017

Mother’s Day is generally all about the old Doris. Where my mum is concerned, that usually means a shopping trip to Lakeside combined with pie and mash; you can take the girl out the East end…

Of course, that’s all change this year as fatherhood draws ever closer.

Although we’ve still got ten weeks until due date, there wasn’t a chance I was going to let the day pass without treating Jenna to the joys of Mother’s Day.

There wasn’t any pie and mash in it for her, but she did receive a goodie bag of items – one of which was a Batman nightdress, which I’m sure easily made her top five of best gifts ever.

A couple of months ago I mentioned that with pregnancy, I’ve developed a true sense of selflessness and that felt truer than ever on Mother’s Day. Sitting and watching her open her gifts like an excitable child was really satisfying and her face was an absolute picture – literally, see below.

I tried recording the moment of unwrapping, but got caught seconds in, so went back in for take two unbeknownst to Jenna and her reactions are priceless.

That wasn’t all that took place this Mother’s Day. We had a 4D scan booked in at Babybond, an ultrasound outfit housed in Mothercare, and went along armed with our mothers, Jenna’s sister and two of her best friends.

At our 20-week scan, which is somehow a whole ten weeks ago already, we were given a 4D scan preview and knew we would be heading back in due course.

From the 12-week scan image to the 20-week scan image, there’s a distinct growth and clarity difference.

Looking at other 4D scans ahead of our own in preparation and I didn’t necessarily see the distinction, finding it hard to distinguish features.

But although I wasn’t certain how much we would be able to see with 4D, especially as it’s not uncommon for babies to go shy on the big day, I was left astounded.

A quick hip wiggle and some verbal encouragement and our little girl woke up, and even gave us a smile in one of the photos.

Being there in the moment, my understanding of 4D changed entirely. When it’s your own child, that ability to visualise what they’ll look like becomes stronger than ever.

And as before, the trip wasn’t complete without an extensive combing of the shop afterwards, since you walk straight out of the screening room and back into the bright lights of the store – a win-win situation for Mothercare and the parents-to-be, since our guests were kind enough to insist they snap up treats for the baby.

The crazy thing about all of this is, while our 20-week scan was ten weeks ago and it only seems very recent, our baby should be arriving in around ten weeks!

So looking ahead to Father’s Day, which falls on Sunday 18th June, our little girl should have arrived – just in time to treat her old man.

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