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DADult Life | December 2, 2022

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Win Legoland Castle Hotel stay and book publishing deal

Legoland Castle Hotel

Merlin Entertainments’ Legoland Windsor Resort is opening a new and shiny Castle Hotel on 1 July 2017. And ahead of the summer opening of what’s likely to become a staycation stronghold for Brits, Legoland has launched a children’s bedtime story writing competition.

Lily-Ann Bedder, head creative of Legoland’s Castle Hotel, said: ”Creating a magical bedtime experience for our guests was central to our plans for the Legoland Castle Hotel. We put ourselves in the shoes of children and dreamt big to come up with the designs!”

The Legoland competition comes as it researched 2,000 parents with children under 12 about their storytelling habits to find that 55 per cent ban evening use of gadgets, encouraging a “tech black out” from 4.41pm.

Just the other day my nine-year-old nephew was schooling my old man on how to order a pizza via iPad. But despite the omnipresent nature of digital, 67 per cent of parents feel that a classic bedtime story is still an important part of the day for children.


“Legoland is offering the winner of its children’s bedtime story writing challenge the chance to have their novel published”


That tops the 34 per cent of those who feel using tech for educational purposes is important, and 31 per cent that think extra homework is the way to go.

With the Castle Hotel on the way at Legoland Windsor, the venue is offering the winner of its children’s bedtime story writing challenge the chance to have their novel published into a real book, which will be placed into every room of the hotel when it opens to guests this summer.

In addition, the winner will also get to record an audio book, while they and their family will get to stay at the hotel when it opens.

“The bedtime stories read by parents up and down the country every night help spark the imagination and creativity of children, and that’s exactly what we want to achieve with our hotel’s magical medieval theme,” added Bedder.

Legoland Castle Hotel Wizard bedroom

“We can’t wait get a glimpse into the wonderful imagination of all the children who enter our bedtime story competition and we look forward to seeing the winning tale and its author in the hotel.”

The Castle Hotel’s magical concept comes complete with dragons and wizards, which should be a good starting point for story ideas.

A themed family room at the hotel is set to cost from £572 for two adults and two children, inclusive of breakfast, two-day park tickets and a number of other perks.

Legoland’s competition is open to children aged 5-12 and can be entered on the company website.

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